About Jesus Minguez

My passion stems from the love of tradition and my need to feed my curiosity of the natural world around me. I truly believe that everything connects to everything else, including the study of science and art. Working with clay allows me to explore both worlds in a harmonious way.

My love for ceramics began when I was a child growing up in Quezon City, Philippines where I was exposed to traditional folk art pottery my grandparents owned.  My earliest memories were of huge storage jars called Banga that collected rain water outside our family home. I find my inspiration from these early childhood memories along with the work of notable Japanese Shigaraki and Bizen potters including Shiho Kanzaki and Yasuhisa  Kohyama among others.

I love to share knowledge that I gain.  As soon as I learn something new through my experiments and experiences, I am inspired to share with other fellow artists.  This passion to share knowledge and teach is what drives my ceramics work.